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Class: Crypt_GPG_ProcessControl

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Class Overview

A class for monitoring and terminating processes by PID



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A class for monitoring and terminating processes by PID

This is used to safely terminate the gpg-agent for GnuPG 2.x. This class is limited in its abilities and can only check if a PID is running and send a PID SIGTERM.

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Class Variables

$pid =

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The PID (process identifier) being monitored
  • Access: protected

Type:   integer

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Method Detail

__construct (Constructor)   [line 70]

Crypt_GPG_ProcessControl __construct( integer $pid)

Creates a new process controller from the given PID (process identifier)
  • Access: public


integer   $pid   —  the PID (process identifier).

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getPid   [line 83]

integer getPid( )

Gets the PID (process identifier) being controlled
  • Return: the PID being controlled.
  • Access: public

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isRunning   [line 99]

boolean isRunning( )

Checks if the process is running

Uses ps on UNIX-like systems and tasklist on Windows.

  • Return: true if the process is running, false if not.
  • Access: public

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terminate   [line 134]

void terminate( )

Ends the process gracefully

The signal SIGTERM is sent to the process. The gpg-agent process will end gracefully upon receiving the SIGTERM signal. Upon 3 consecutive SIGTERM signals the gpg-agent will forcefully shut down.

If the posix extension is available, posix_kill() is used. Otherwise kill is used on UNIX-like systems and taskkill is used in Windows.

  • Access: public

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