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Sorry to give you all this now, I should have done this before voting.

- Spaces around the '=' in function declarations.
- as keyword in foreach() should be lowercase
- postEntry should raise a PEAR_Error when posting fails
- fetchEntry should raise a PEAR_Error when fetching fails
- fetchEntries shouldn't have a print_r() in it
- fetchEntry does this: is_array($response['events'][0]) but $response may be null
- postEntry checks if $response !== 0, but _callMethod() returns null if the response is 0. Is this correct?
- _xmlToArray should raise a PEAR_Error when it doesn't understand the type to let the caller know that somehting went wrong
- _callMethod should raise a PEAR_Error when calling the method fails (this is optional, it's a design choice, but I suggest you pass up any XML_RPC messages)
- fetchEntries shoudl check for an error from _callMethod and pass it up
- above errors should also give the reason for failure