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  • Voter: Mika Tuupola [Wishlist]
  • Vote: +1 (not conditional)
  • Reviews: Cursory source review, Run examples
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I never have quite understood the reason why most templating engines want to implement their own scripting language which is parsed by PHP when PHP itself was better suited for the job. Also most of the templating engines are too complicated for the average web designer to understand even though the reason why they (the templating engines) should be used is to give the job of making the templates to the web designer.

Savant does not have either of these failures. To me it seems as the firs no-nonsense templating engine. Therefore I would like to see it in PEAR even though there already are competing templating engines.

Although I am not quite sure what would be the benefits to Savant for it being in PEAR after the channels have been implemented in the cli installer.

One thing I don't like is the license.