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  • Voter: Klaus Guenther 
  • Vote: -1 (not conditional)
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I have nothing against Savant. In fact, it's nice enough that I probably will start using it. This vote certainly brought it to my attention. I've run the examples, fooled around with it a little, and decided it's a great package.

However, I am completely against adding another template engine to PEAR. Especially since Alan, Alexey and Paul all agree that a unified template package is the best solution. Since this is agreed to, they need to focus on writing the new package rather than adding this to PEAR for a quick fix (as Lukas has said).

When I started with PHP, I saw a bunch of template engines. I found it rather confusing, to say the least. And after trying some things out, I dropped the thought of using templates systems altogether.

We need the leads to get together and write the final one and only HTML_Template, with all the features of the existing systems (and supporting the API for all systems we currently have in PEAR).

Adding HTML_Template_Savant would prevent this from happening, as I've often seen happen before. If Paul and Alan are serious, it won't matter whether Savant is in PEAR or not. Once HTML_Template is written, it will become redundant if it's in PEAR.