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This is truly a conditional vote.

Now that Alan has coded compile-less templates for Flexy, the difference between Savant and Flexy has blurred.

However, there is a real need for a simple, small and fast template engine that is based on PHP only.

Right now, the biggest difference between Flexy and Savant for my needs is the bulky Compiler class is part of the Flexy package, even though it would never be used.

I think that in an ideal world, the Flexy package would be two linked packages, installed by default, or the minimal package that is Savant. Until this capability is supported by the PEAR installer, I see little chance of my ideal solution.

Having both Savant and Flexy as different codebases in PEAR doing the same thing where Flexy is Savant+ is not a good solution.

Perhaps the best solution is for me to implement this possibility in the PEAR package. To add Paul as a maintainer for Flexy would be my ideal solution, if and ONLY if Savant were installable without the Compiler class.

In other words, I really need a class like Savant, but probably not two of them.

Maintaining the codebases in parallel will only lead to greater chance of bugs, API issues, and divide Paul and Alan's strengths unnecessarily.

I support Paul 100% in his work on Savant, and I also support Alan 100% on his integration of Savant into Flexy, so my vote would be that Alan work with Paul on developing a split of Flexy into two separate but integrated packages that build on each other, based on an amalgamation of Paul's original work and Alan's integration into Flexy. I only hope the political issues can be worked out smoothly.

This may take a while to get it right, but I believe it is the best solution.