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  • Voter: Laurent Laville 
  • Vote: +1 (conditional)
  • Reviews: Deep source review
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I like it; it's enough clear only for point below :

You wrote :
"- General discussion on pear-group indicated that no complete agreement could
be reached on the 2 controversial points (RC/package state suffixes.), as a
result, the conclusion is that they should be proposed as seperate RFC's."

Does it means we have to vote without this particular but essential note (in my point of view: due to current conflit with case html_css) ?

And should it be a limit in state suffix naming ?
For example:
x.y.zRCn with n = 1,2,3 what is the max ?
x.y.zbetan with n = 1,2,3, what is the max ?

Sorry if i've missed an important thread before !