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Some comments:
- What does MA stand for? Is it defined in the Yahoo! API as simply "MA"? I couldn't figure it out from the code. Put some explicative comments in the class header.
- Some private properties are missing docblocks
- Some "if" blocks are missing {} (make sure to run PHP_CodeSniffer)
- Some files don't match the class name, for instance Services/Yahoo/JP/MA/parse.php for Services_Yahoo_JP_MA_Parse (parse vs Parse)
- The factory() methods are not extensible as the possible types are hardcoded. This closes the door to other users wanting to add their own implementations and/or features.
- It may be convenient to have a way to register the "appid" once and to set it as default (not very important :-)
- When you extend classes from another package, make sure to call parent::__construct(), if applicable