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First of all, I like the idea itself. However there is a couple steps I am not fully happy with this proposal.

- When was the comments called ? I don't remember seeing them, and there is none. I believe in order to make something working well, you need other developers comments.

- Description of the package is very very minimal

- You shouldn't put the svn link into the description but in the links section

- Coding Standards are not all Followed correctly, the name of the package itself should be Log_XML or Log_Xml at least no ? (I might be wrong here)

- The file structure doesn't follow PEAR's Coding Standards and General conventions. Log_xml_xjt is in Log_Xml/Xml for instance.

- You don't need to pass objects by reference like in php4...
ie: $xmlLog = &Log::singleton('xml_xtj', $name);

Resume: There is a couple things (most things) could have been resolved using the "call for comments" period however it hasn't been called, resulting in my comment.

I must add that there is nice work in this package though, I find it very useful and should defantly get into pear once it's following the standards :-) Good work