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I vote +1 despite some problems:
- Please conform to the PEAR CS, especially regarding brackets in function and class declarations, as well as indentation
- the example should be delivered with the package as "doc" role
- the example does "require_once 'MPD.php';" although it should be Net/MPD.php
- An example that lists all songs in the current playlist would be nice, and should be delivered with the package
- Net_MPD_Playlist::add doesn't work if there are quotes in the filename
- Return values are not very optimal; I saw it in "currentSong()":
array(1) {
array(1) {
array(4) {
string(54) "somefile.ogg"
string(3) "212"
string(2) "91"
string(4) "1287"
I mean it is *one* current song, isn't it? Why do I need an array with a "file" in it, and why do I need a subarray when only one song is expected?
I think many of the other methods have similar "standard" return values that are too complicated mostly. (playlistInfo() does also return an array with "file" key and the files as array below it - why is the outer array needed?
- please use "get" as prefix for methods that return something, and "set" for setter methods.
- return value descriptions are often wrong, e.g. in playlist/swapSong: the docblock says a boolean value is returned, but that's only true if all is ok - an interger can be returned as well.
- There is no method to list all playlists in the playlist class
- the "ID" in method names should be "Id"