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  • Voter: Markus Tacker [Wishlist]
  • Vote: +1 (conditional)
  • Reviews: Cursory source review, Deep source review, Run examples
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I like this package very much, but my vote depends on
* Implementing functions as methods
* Implementing global vars as properties
* Changing the file layout to reflect the class names (e.g. Auth_OpenID_Consumer should be in Auth/OpenID/Consumer.php not in Auth/OpenID/Consumer/Consumer.php)
* Using PEAR_Error in favour of trigger_error
* Let every class have its own file
* Documentation of private methods

Fix or circumvent these errors
* PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function posix_getpwuid() in PHP-OpenID/examples/detect.php on line 327

Thumbs up for the good documentation on public methods and your effort to contribute this package.