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the code is improved from the initial proposal, but is still not good enough. I expected some serious improvements.

Things that need to be cut out entirely:

1) XML_RPC2_Value. YUCK! Let's lose this horrendous relic from XML_RPC. It will make things MUCH slower. I am extremely disappointed that you called for a vote prior to looking at
1) all the @xmlrpc.* fake docblock tags. People who want to export a class that has lots of unnecessary methods should simply define a wrapper class the way PEAR_Server does.
2) XML_RPC2_CallHandler is only about 10 lines of code and should be implemented inside XML_RPC2_Server
3) XML_RPC2_Method is also unnecessary
4) all the Php/ backend code should use simplexml, not $result .= '<methodCall>';
5) separate classes for request/response is just bloat.
6) you have a curl dependency in the client, but curl is REALLY hard to install on windows, and not installed by default. This will eliminate all but the savviest of windows users from being able to use this class.

Things that need to be added
1) ways to do optional parameters without having to rely on PHP 5.1 (the isOptional() method). Chiara_XML_RPC5 has an elegant solution.

In short, I'm afraid this is simply not good enough for a +1 from me. I'm sorry our communication broke down along the way.