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Great job overall. :-) I think this this package will be very useful.

NULL should be null

More whitespace separating blocks (i.e. an empty line after each function)

Docblocks for each member var which describe what it is for

Functional descriptions of each parameter and return value in function docblocks

If you include the var name in @var and @param docblocks, a $ should be prepended to the name

In Service.php, use single quotes for "not yet implemented" ;-)

Pear should be PEAR in Net_Monitor_Service_FTP::check

(Optional) In Net_Monitor_Service_SMTP::check I would prefer the if blocks to be switched (i.e. don't use a ! in the if()). (I know that this is a very nit-picky kind of thing, it's just a suggestion. It makes sense IMHO, though.)