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Question: if (eregi('^(http|ftp)://', substr($filename, 0, 10))) { why only http and ftp ? https would be smart also ...

Line 146 Convertor.php
$map = @array_flip($map);
why are you silencing array_flip when you already check if $map is a array or not ?

Are you referring to Netscape as Mozilla Mailer/Thunderbird ?? If not then I'd like to see a driver for them :)

Can this package only output in .csv via headers or so ? If that's the case I'd also like to see it return only a string with the data, having it a option that is.
Probably the same with import :)

createComponent should be using similar to loadFile in LiveUser, that way you don't have to deal with "finding the hidden bug because of the silencing of include", anyway that's what I recommend for you :)

Maybe you could use File to do the file reading, though I'm not sure if it would benefit you much, though just a idea

Anyway looks really cool, something I'll 100% use in the coming months