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CS police:
In the encode class:
function encode_int($int) {

function encode_int($int)

There is also

PEAR::raiseError('File_Bittorrent_Encode()::encode() - Unsupported type.', NULL. NULL,

I think you wanted to write a comma and not a dot between the two NULL statements. Which makes me realise, CS police again, that they should be lowercased null :)

In the decode class I see that you use file_get_contents, which is only available since PHP 4.3. You may want to either add a dependency on PHP or suggest the use of PHP_Compat if someone is using an older php version.

When untarring the archive I get this warning

tar xvzf File_Bittorrent-0.1.1.tgz
tar: A lone zero block at 97