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Class: Text_CAPTCHA_Driver_Word

Source Location: /Text_CAPTCHA-0.3.1/CAPTCHA/Driver/Word.php

Class Overview


Text_CAPTCHA - creates a CAPTCHA for Turing tests


Inherited Variables

Inherited Methods

Class: Text_CAPTCHA

Create a new Text_CAPTCHA object
Return secret CAPTCHA phrase
Sets secret CAPTCHA phrase

Class Details

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Text_CAPTCHA - creates a CAPTCHA for Turing tests

Class to create a Turing test for websites by creating an image, ASCII art or something else with some (obfuscated) characters

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Method Detail

getCAPTCHA   [line 107]

text getCAPTCHA( )

Return CAPTCHA as a string

This method returns the CAPTCHA as string

  • Return: string
  • Access: public

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init   [line 63]

void init( [array $options = array()])

init function

Initializes the new Text_CAPTCHA_Driver_Word object

  • Access: public


array   $options   —  CAPTCHA options with these keys: phrase The "secret word" of the CAPTCHA length The number of characters in the phrase locale The locale for Numbers_Words mode The mode for Numbers_Words

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