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  • Copyright: (c) Copyright 2004, Richard York, All Rights Reserved.
  • Author: Richard York <>


require_once('Mail/IMAP.php') [line 11]

Mail_IMAP_connection_wizard [line 32]

string|FALSE Mail_IMAP_connection_wizard( string $server, string $user, string $pass, [mixed $protocol = NULL], [mixed $port = 0], string $protocol , int $port )

Attempts to find the appropriate URI for the user based on common configurations and port settings. This function is meant to serve as a utility helper to find the correct URI syntax to pass to connect.
  • See: connect *
  • Todo: add SSL/TLS URI testing


string   $server   Remote mail server to connect to.
string   $user   Remote mail server user name.
string   $pass   Remote mail server password.
string   $protocol    (optional) Mail server protocol, one of imap|pop3|nntp
int   $port    (optional) Mail server port.
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