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HTML_Progress 1.x Guide

introduction to HTML_Progress package

by by Laurent Laville
November 2003, Laurent Laville
(HTML_Progress 1.0+)

Table of Contents

What is HTML_Progress ?

HTML_Progress is a OO class PEAR package for PHP 4.1 or better.

HTML_Progress makes it easy to build and display an horizontal or vertical loading bar on XHTML document of your choice, and allows user to wait and see progress status during a long procedure such an installation. You get a more or less decent result with just the basic settings, but it's also highly configurable, so you can almost get what you want.

The core class assigns context sensitive default values for most of the parameters which minimizes the learning part. The features are there when you need it - they don't get in your way. The package also comes with very extensive documentation.


  • Create horizontal and also vertival bar

  • Allows usage of an existing external StyleSheet and/or JavaScript

  • All elements (progress, cells, string) are customizable by their html properties

  • percent/string is floating all around the progress bar

  • Compliant with all CSS/XHMTL standards

  • Integration with all template engines is very easy

  • Implements a Observer design pattern. It is possible to add Listeners.

  • Adds a customizable UI monitor pattern to display a progress bar. User-end can abort progress at any time.

  • Look and feel can be sets by internal API or external config file.

  • Allows many progress bar on same page without uses of iframe solution.

  • Software license

    HTML_Progress is released under PHP License 3.0

    Image gallery

    Below is a few sample images all created with HTML_Progress.


  • May i use my favorite template engine ?

    Yes, integrate HTML_Progress is also easy that put any other HTML element. See template_embedded.php in examples subdirectory of bundle distribution, for an IT[x] template family example.

  • I got only 0% displayed on left corner of my browser screen

    You've forgot to send the necessary styles (CSS). See Starting out from scratch for details and solution.

  • The progress bar is running, but i see no changes

    You've forgot to put the requires JavaScript code to manage the progress bar. See Running HTML_Progress for details and solution.

  • The progress bar is running, but percent info is frozen to 0%

    You've a browser that is not fully DHTML compliant. For example Opera 6.x. You should upgrade to the most recent browser version.

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