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Example of Using HTML_AJAX in proxyless operation

This is the simplest way to use HTML_AJAX if your just using grab and replace functions you don't even need a server You need every javascript file except JSON which is optional and is only needed if your using that encoding

The proxyless api is provided by Main.js

There are 4 main methods and 2 properties to the proxyless api, they all exist as static methods on HTML_AJAX HTML_AJAX.grab(url) HTML_AJAX.post(url,payload) HTML_AJAX.replace(id,url) or HTML_AJAX.replace(id,class,method,arg1,arg2,etc) HTML_AJAX.call(class,method,callback,arg1,arg2,etc)

HTML_AJAX.defaultServerUrl = 'serverurl'; HTML_AJAX.defaultEncoding = 'Null';

The api is demonstrated below, server.php is used for call examples and to load the needed js files

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