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File: proxy_usage_server.php

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Example of Using HTML_AJAX in proxy operation

All AJAX calls are handled by the auto_server.php file, server.php could also be used, the differences between the two are covered in those files This is a use case very similar to JPSpan (JPSpan only has a server.php equivalent)

The only needed interaction is creation of a new object from the proxy defintion, all AJAX calls happen transparently from there

If you want to perform async calls a callback object must be passed to the constructor of the object

The client JavaScript library is provided by auto_server.php, you could also copy HTML_AJAX.js (all js files combined) or the seperate js files into your webroot from the PEAR data dir and src them directly. You can use multiple includes of the component files or use the all flag to get them all at once.

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