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Class: Event_Notification

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Class Overview

A Notification object



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custom notification class

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A Notification object

The Notification object can be easily subclassed and serves as a container for the information about the notification. It holds an object which is usually a reference to the object that posted the notification, a notification name used to identify the notification and some user information which can be anything you need.

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Method Detail

Event_Notification (Constructor)   [line 117]

Event_Notification Event_Notification( object The &$object, string $name, [array $info = array()])

  • Access: public


object The   &$object     object of interest for the notification, usually is the posting object
string   $name     Notification name
array   $info     Free information array

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cancelNotification   [line 178]

void cancelNotification( )

Cancel the notification
  • Access: public

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getNotificationCount   [line 167]

int getNotificationCount( )

Get the number of posted notifications
  • Access: public

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getNotificationInfo   [line 146]

array getNotificationInfo( )

Returns the user info array
  • Return: user info

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getNotificationName   [line 128]

string getNotificationName( )

Returns the notification name
  • Return: Notification name

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getNotificationObject   [line 137]

object Contained &getNotificationObject( )

Returns the contained object
  • Return: object

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increaseNotificationCount   [line 156]

void increaseNotificationCount( )

Increase the internal count
  • Access: public

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isNotificationCancelled   [line 189]

boolean isNotificationCancelled( )

Checks whether the notification has been cancelled
  • Access: public

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