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Class: Crypt_GPG_VerifyStatusHandler

Source Location: /Crypt_GPG-1.4.3/Crypt/GPG/VerifyStatusHandler.php

Class Overview

Status line handler for the verify operation



  • 2008 silverorange



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Class Details

[line 63]
Status line handler for the verify operation

This class is used internally by Crypt_GPG and does not need be used directly. See the Crypt_GPG class for end-user API.

This class is responsible for building signature objects that are returned by the Crypt_GPG::verify() method. See doc/DETAILS in the GPG distribution for detailed information on GPG's status output for the verify operation.

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Class Variables

$index =  -1

[line 89]

Array index of the current signature
  • Access: protected

Type:   integer

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$signatureId =  ''

[line 75]

The current signature id

Ths signature id is emitted by GPG before the new signature line so we must remember it temporarily.

  • Access: protected

Type:   string

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$signatures = array()

[line 82]

List of parsed Crypt_GPG_Signature objects
  • Access: protected

Type:   array

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Method Detail

getSignatures   [line 208]

array getSignatures( )

Gets the Crypt_GPG_Signature objects parsed by this handler
  • Return: the signature objects parsed by this handler.
  • Access: public

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handle   [line 101]

void handle( string $line)

Handles a status line
  • Access: public


string   $line   —  the status line to handle.

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