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File: CommandLine.php

Source Location: /Console_CommandLine-1.2.2/Console/CommandLine.php


Main class for parsing command line options and arguments.

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This file is part of the PEAR Console_CommandLine package.

A full featured package for managing command-line options and arguments hightly inspired from python optparse module, it allows the developper to easily build complex command line interfaces.

PHP version 5

LICENSE: This source file is subject to the MIT license that is available through the world-wide-web at the following URI:


require_once('Console/CommandLine/Exception.php') [line 32]
Required unconditionally
require_once('Console/CommandLine/Outputter/Default.php') [line 33]
require_once('Console/CommandLine/Renderer/Default.php') [line 34]
require_once('Console/CommandLine/MessageProvider/Default.php') [line 35]

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