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Package for generating Excel spreadsheets LGPL
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0.9.3 (beta) was released on 2012-01-26 by doconnor (Changelog)
Easy Install

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pear install Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer

Pyrus Install

Try PEAR2's installer, Pyrus.

php pyrus.phar install pear/Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer

  • Package Maintenance Rank: 161 of 225 packages with open bugs
  • Number of open bugs: 54 (319 total bugs)
  • Average age of open bugs: 2636 days
  • Oldest open bug: 4663 days
  • Number of open feature requests: 19 (38 total feature requests)

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» Description
Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer was born as a porting of the Spreadsheet::WriteExcel Perl module to PHP.
It allows writing of Excel spreadsheets without the need for COM objects.
It supports formulas, images (BMP) and all kinds of formatting for text and cells.
It currently supports the BIFF5 format (Excel 5.0), so functionality appeared in the latest Excel versions is not yet available.

Install latest development version with Composer:

composer require pear/spreadsheet_excel_writer:dev-master

With PEAR installer:

cd /tmp
git clone
sudo pear upgrade -f Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer/package.xml
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