PEAR_PackageUpdate::savePreferences – Saves the user preferences to the preference file.


require_once 'PEAR/PackageUpdate.php';

boolean PEAR_PackageUpdate::savePreferences ( string $pref_file = '' )


Saves the user's preferences to the preference file.


string $pref_file

The path to the file to save user's preferences to.


throws PEAR_PACKAGEUPDATE_ERROR_PREFFILE_WRITEACCESS, when user's preference file has no WRITE access right.

throws PEAR_PACKAGEUPDATE_ERROR_PREFFILE_WRITEERROR, when an I/O error occured while writing user's preference file contents.


since 0.4.0a1

This function can not be called statically.

Return value

boolean - TRUE if the user's preferences were saved successfully, FALSE othewise.

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