Net_GeoIP::lookupLocation() – returns the location record for specified IP address


require_once "Net/GeoIP.php";

object lookupLocation() ( string $addr )


This method returns an instance of Net_GeoIP_Location for the specified IP address. It works only with a non-free City database.

Looking up the location record

require_once "Net/GeoIP.php";

$geoip Net_GeoIP::getInstance("/path/to/geoipdb.dat");

try {
$location $geoip->lookupLocation($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);


printf("City: %s, %s\nLatitude: %s, Longitude: %s\n",

} catch (
Exception $e) {
// Handle exception


  • string $addr - IP address

    Note: Hostnames are not supported. More information.


This method throws an exception if the IP address is invalid.

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User Notes:

Note by:
Can someone post a example on how to use this filter with the FREE city database (GeoLiteCity.dat).

I got the Country lookup working and thought the city lookup is prcedurally identical, but I guess not.

here is the code that I have for city lookup. am I missing something??

require_once 'PEAR/Net/GeoIP.php';
require_once 'PEAR/Net/GeoIP/Location.php';

$geoipCountry = Net_GeoIP::getInstance('PEAR/Net/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat');
$geoipCity = Net_GeoIP::getInstance('PEAR/Net/GeoIP/GeoLiteCity.dat');

try {
echo '<br><br>';
echo $country_name;

//echo '<br><br>';
//echo $city_name;


printf("City: %s, %s\nLatitude: %s, Longitude: %s\n",
$location->city, $location->region,
$location->latitude, $location->longitude);


catch (Exception $e)
{ // Handle exception
Note by:
It works with the free City database GeoLiteCity.dat
available from