Controller::container() – Returns a reference to the form's values container.


require_once 'HTML/QuickForm/Controller.php';

array &HTML_QuickForm_Controller::container ( bool $reset = false )


Note: Session initialization
The package does store the data in session, but it does not start the session automatically. You must call session_start() function yourself before instantiating HTML_QuickForm_Controller.

Returns a reference to a session variable containing the form-page values and pages' validation status. This is a "low-level" method, use exportValues() if you want just to get the form's values.

The structure of the container is the following

array (
    'defaults'  => array(... default form values ...),
    'constants' => array(... constant form values ...),
    'values'    => array(
        'page1' => array(... submitted values for this page ...),
        'pageN' => array(... submitted values for this page ...)
    'valid'     => array(
        'page1' => null if the page was never validated, true if valid, false otherwise
        'pageN' => null if the page was never validated, true if valid, false otherwise


boolean $reset

If true, then reset the container: clear all default, constant and submitted values


throws no exceptions thrown


This function can not be called statically.

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