Event_Dispatcher::addObserver() – Add a new observer.


require_once 'Event/Dispatcher.php';

void Event_Dispatcher::addObserver ( mixed $callback , string $nName = EVENT_DISPATCHER_GLOBAL , string $class = '' )


Adds a new observer to the dispatcher.

Observers are PHP callbacks. That means you may either pass a function name as a string or an array containing an object or class and a method to call.

The callback is used as a signature for the observer, which allows you to remove it by passing the exact same parameters to removeObserver().


  • mixed $callback

    Callback to notity, may either be a string containing the name of a global function or an array containing class or object and the name of the method to call.


    Acts as a filter: notify the observer only if the notification name matches the name passed in this parameter. Use EVENT_DISPATCHER_GLOBAL if the observer should be notified regardles of the notification name.

  • string $class = ''

    Acts as a filter: notify the observer only if the sender of the notification matches the class passed in this parameter.

Return value



This function can not be called statically.

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