Auth_Container_SOAP5 – Authenticate against a SOAP service

SOAP5 Container

This container makes use of the PHP SOAP extension's client to provide authentication against a SOAP service.

The storage-specific argument for the Auth constructor() is an array of options. In addition to the below options all options for the PHP SOAP Client can be passed in this array and they will be passed onto the client.

Available Options
Option Data Type Default value Description
"wsdl" string   The location of the WSDL file describing the SOAP service you wish to authenticate against. The WSDL file takes priority over a specified "location" and "uri".
"location" string   The URI where the service is located, when not making use of a WSDL file.
"uri" string   The namespace of the web service, when not making use of a WSDL file.
"method" string   The SOAP method you wish to call.
"usernamefield" string "username" The name of the field where the username is stored.
"passwordfield" string "password" The name of the field where the password is stored.
"matchpasswords" boolean TRUE

If TRUE then the container will look for the password field in the returned result from the soap call and try to match that value with the one supplied from the end user.

If FALSE then it is assumed that the soap call will return an error if the user does not authenticate properly. If no error is returned than the user is assumed to valid and allowed to proceed.

"_features" array  

A named array of extra parameters that are to be passed to the soap call in addition to the username and password fields. These are passed to the soap call as named parameters.

'field1'  => 'value1',
'foo'     => 'bar',

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