XML_Util::collapseEmptyTags() – collapse empty XML tags in a string


require_once 'XML/Util.php';

string XML_Util::collapseEmptyTags ( string $string , integer $mode = XML_UTIL_COLLAPSE_ALL )


This method collapses empty tags like <foo></foo> with the short version <foo/> by applying a regular expression. This is especially helpful when dealing with XHTML-documents, as there is an important difference in rendering these tags in the browser.

This method has been added in XML_Util 1.1.0.


  • string $string - string, in which empty tags should be collapsed

  • integer $mode - collapse all empty tags (XML_UTIL_COLLAPSE_ALL) or only XHTML tags (XML_UTIL_COLLAPSE_XHTML_ONLY).

Return value

string string with collapsed empty tags


This function should be called statically.

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