Un module pour permettre la création facile d'email complexes composés de multiple parties. Si vous recherchez une API simple pour créer de tels emails, alors la classe de Mail_Mime suffira probablement. Autrement vous pouvez employer la classe Mail_mimePart, qui vous donne un contrôle accru au sujet de création de MIME.

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User Notes:

Note by: brandonusa
when doing bulk emailing using sendmail MTA - this function hangs

$mail->send('postmaster@localhost', $hdrs, $body);

Note by: PixEye
If you want to use a special charset encoding (UTF-8 for example) and/or use base64 instead of quoted-printable, you should use the optional array parameter of function get(). See the API documentation for list of options supported. HTH.
Note by: zarthras
I'd like to point out, that there are quite a few more methods to the mime object than listed here. Among them such important helpers like


and so on. I'm not sure why they weren't put in the documentation, but you will find all of them in the api docs.