HTML_Table::HTML_Table – Constructeur


require_once 'HTML/Table.php';

void HTML_Table::HTML_Table ( array $attributes = = null , integer $tabOffset=0 , boolean $useTGroups=false )


Constructeur de la classe.


  • array $attributes - Tableau associatif d'attributs

  • integer $tabOffset - Position dans le tableau

  • boolean $useTGroups - Si l'on doit ou non utiliser les groupes thead, tfoot et tbody


This function can be called statically.

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User Notes:

Note by: cweiske
After creating the table you can still change attributes. HTML_Table extends HTML_Common which provides methods like setAttribute('attname', 'attavalue');
Note by: cweiske
The attributes parameter takes an array of actual html table tag attributes, e.g.
$table = new HTML_Table(array('border' => '1', 'class' => 'cssclass'));