Comparison of option parsers

This section gives an overview about the different command line option parser packages in PEAR.

  • Console_GetOpt: standard getopt implementation

  • Console_GetOptPlus: php5 rewrite of getopt with added features

  • Console_GetArgs: object oriented full featured parser

  • Console_CommandLine: similar to GetArgs with php5 and added features

Comparison of command line parsers in PEAR
Feature Console_GetOpt Console_GetOptPlus Console_GetArgs Console_CommandLine
Package homepage Link Link Link Link
PHP4 yes yes
PHP5 yes yes yes
PHP5 with E_STRICT yes yes
Has end user doc yes yes
Stability stable beta stable stable
POSIX/GNU compliance yes yes yes
Generate help yes yes yes
Generate version yes
Argument validation yes yes
Handle password options yes
Option validation yes
Subcommands yes
Optional callback actions yes
L10n/I18n yes
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