Image_Text::autoMeasurize() – Auto measurize text


require_once 'ImageText.php';

int Image_Text::autoMeasurize ( int $start = false , int $end = false )


Automatically determines the greatest possible font size to fit the text into the text box. This method may be very resource intensive on your webserver. A good tweaking point are the $start and $end parameters, which specify the range of font sizes to search through. Anyway, the results should be cached if possible. You can optionally set $start and $end here as a parameter or the settings of the options array are used.


integer $start

Fontsize to start testing with.

integer $end

Fontsize to end testing with.

Return value

returns Fontsize measured or PEAR::Error.


throws no exceptions thrown


This function can not be called statically.

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