PEAR_PackageFile::fromXmlString() – fromXmlString


require_once '/PackageFile.php';

PEAR_PackageFile_v1|PEAR_PackageFile_v2|PEAR_Error& PEAR_PackageFile::fromXmlString ( string $data , int $state , string $file , string|false $archive = false )


parse and return a package.xml object, or a PEAR_Error object upon error.


string $data

contents of package.xml file

integer $state

package state (one of PEAR_VALIDATE_* constants)

string $file

full path to the package.xml file (and the files it references)

string|FALSE $archive

full path to the full package .tgz file containing the package.xml, or false for none.


throws no exceptions thrown


This function can not be called statically.

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