generate-pear2 - Create the subversion source layout for a PEAR2 package


The generate-pear2 command is used to create a bare skeleton for a new PEAR2 package as it will reside in Subversion. It creates everything needed except the source code.

Two arguments are accepted, package and optionally channel.


The package argument is the name of the package to create a skeleton for. This is used as the directory name and as the package name used within files related to creating a PEAR2 package.

If MyPackage is passed, a directory will be created in the current working directory titled MyPackage, with subdirectories for branches, tags, and trunk. All the required packaging files will be within the trunk directory, and you can place your code within the MyPackage/trunk/src/MyPackage/Main.php file.

PEAR2_MyPackage will be the name of your package if MyPackage is passed as the package name.


The channel argument defaults to

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