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Bug #6737 When I return an array it has an extra element.
Submitted: 2006-02-09 19:22 UTC
From: dave dot rodal at gmail dot com Assigned: auroraeosrose
Status: Closed Package: HTML_AJAX (version 0.3.4)
PHP Version: 4.3.11 OS: fedora core 3
Roadmaps: 0.5.1    

 [2006-02-09 19:22 UTC] dave dot rodal at gmail dot com
Description: ------------ I take you hello world example and make randomString return an array. I print out the array with a Javascript for (var v in obj) script. If I return an associative array, this works fine. If I return a numbered array I get an extra datum in the printout like this 1 2 3 ______array The _____array get printed out as an extra element. See the testscript part for changes I made to the script. Now if I return a numbered array and print it out with javascript code like this for(var i;i < obj.length;i++){ ...innerHTML += obj[i]; } All prints out nicely, no _____array. Test script: --------------- function randomString() { $index = rand(0,count($_SESSION['strings'])-1); return array(1,2,3); //return //array("First"=>"FUN","Second"=>"Joy","Three"=>"Toys"); //return $_SESSION['strings'][$index]; } And the change I made to index.php randomstring: function(result) { for(var i in result){ document.getElementById('canvas').innerHTML += '<p>'+result[i]+'</p>'; } }, Expected result: ---------------- 1 2 3 Actual result: -------------- 1 2 3 ______array


 [2006-02-09 19:39 UTC] jeichorn at php dot net
Quick note you shouldn't use for(var i in object) to loop over an array. An array is an object in JS and can have any number of additional properties added too it. Use for(var i = 0; i < array.length; i++). If we want to look into getting rid of the ____array property this bug needs to actually get moved over to the Services_JSON guys since were just bundling their code until they have a release.
 [2006-02-09 21:36 UTC] yunosh
I guess this was moved by accident, Joshua?
 [2006-02-09 21:43 UTC] jeichorn at php dot net
It was thanks, i was looking for Services_JSON but it doesn't have an entry. Must have got it switched to SOAP somehow
 [2006-11-29 15:54 UTC] auroraeosrose at php dot net (Elizabeth Smith)
bundled newer version of crockford's JSON class that doesn't mess with prototypes