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Bug #6424 Some requests seem to disappear in IE
Submitted: 2006-01-06 04:31 UTC
From: josh at endries dot org Assigned: jeichorn
Status: Closed Package: HTML_AJAX
PHP Version: 5.1.1 OS: Windows
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 [2006-01-06 04:31 UTC] josh at endries dot org
Description: ------------ HTML_AJAX 0.3.3 I have a sign-up page that, when a user enters a desired login name, it AJAXes to check if it's taken already and returns the result, which determines what is shown in the div (available or not). Even with a simple onChange, sometimes (no noticable pattern) requests get queued for some reason. They make it to the server after 10sec (a zero byte request) but IE generates a Timed Out error and gets stuck in the "Loading..." state. AFAICT it never got to the server so the server isn't timing out. I can process other requests in the meantime while the queued one sits in lala land. These intermediate requests will reset the state and process immediately, it's just that one which gets delayed and seemingly lost (and never retried). Waiting in between attempts to give IE a rest doesn't seem to help. It just seems unreliable and sporadic. The backend function queries a DB, but the request-in-question doesn't even get that far, and sends no data when it eventually does, so I don't think that's it. Sync or Async doesn't seem to matter, either...maybe it's an IE bug, though I didn't find much online about it. Test script: --------------- Way too many lines to paste here, though it's very simple stuff. Backend DB query, returns true/false, callback checks that and updates a div. I can provide the code, it's on an internal server so it isn't publically available.


 [2006-01-06 04:44 UTC] jeichorn at php dot net
I think what is happing is that your making too many requests at once. I'm not sure how many open requests are required, but at some point IE just gets odd. Could be something else as well, I'll need to look at the code to see what is actually happening. You can email it too me at
 [2006-01-20 23:09 UTC] jeichorn at php dot net
I actually ran into this same problem today on firefox and was able to debug it. We weren't clearing timeouts correctly so the timeout is actually from an already completed connection. I would have made sense to see this bug 20 seconds after any request (default timeout) but since we check for an inprogress request before doing a cancel it took a race condition for this to actually be hit.
 [2006-01-20 23:10 UTC] jeichorn at php dot net
Fixed in svn, we should have a release out in the next couple week but you can grab the updated HttpClient.js file to fix it now.